Pinecrest Guidelines for COVID-19

In response to COVID-19 and in order to comply with the state of Ohio's "Responsible Restart Ohio" Pinecrest will incorporate the alternative changes in our pool setting listed below.

* Stay home if you are sick or do not feel well.
* Use social distancing and maintain at least 6 feet or more between individuals in ALL areas of the pool, deck, grassy area, etc. whenever possible.
* Do not swim or gather in groups of more than 10. No parties/picnics
* Non-essential areas where people could potential congregate – locker room/shower, tether ball, playset, basketball goal will be closed
* Visual clues, such as tape, on deck to ensure that staff, patrons, and swimmers stay at least 6 feet apart from those they don't live with both in and out of water are visible. Lounge chairs are to remain in their marked space.
* Prohibit shared objects – limit toys brought from home and share within family unit only
* A maximum capacity to allow 6 feet of distance between users will be implemented
* Revised deck layouts in the standing and seating areas so individuals can remain at least 6 feet apart from others has been developed.
* In areas of concern, 6 foot spaces are marked on pool deck to help users visualize safe distancing – diving board and concession stand.
* Encouraging face coverings when entering grounds or interacting in close proximity to other patrons. Practice good personal hygiene including washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer, refraining from touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, coughing and sneezing into an elbow, etc.



* One way in: enter by gate on the boys' locker room side
* One way out: exit small gate by playset.
* We already have a contactless check-in system. Membership dues, either thru esoft or mailed, must be paid prior to coming to pool. Payments will not be accepted at pool. If mailing please make sure time is given for payment to be received (2 days).
*The first two weeks:
1. No guests permitted
2. Concession Stand will only be open for purchasing bottled drinks (no cups/ice)
3. Close at 7 – to give employees time to figure out the sanitizing routine

* Only one diving board will be in use.
* Deck area by boys' locker room is configured for families – chairs are in sets of two.
* Deck area by girls' locker room and along the fence area outside of baby pool is configured for single seating.
* Deck area by tennis courts is configured with 4 sets of table and two lounge chairs to be used by those in the same "bubble".
*Lounge chairs are for adults only. When leaving the pool you are asked to flip the back of lounge chair down and if at table lean chairs against table. This lets our employees know chairs and tables need sanitized.
* No Lost and Found - any items left behind will be disposed of. 
* Swim lessons – uncertain at this time
* May bring your own chair for sitting in the grassy area maintaining social distancing.
* No parties

We are all striving to make the best of the changes to our summer. Please be patient and understanding as we maneuver through the first two weeks. It is a challenge for all of us! All our members need to be vigilant in abiding by our new "normal". Our employees will ensure that cleaning and organizational operations are followed. Members will be responsible for all the individuals in their group. Please ensure you and any other individuals in your group are following and maintaining social distancing throughout your time at Pinecrest. We will strive everyday to give you have a great "Pinecrest Day"
As information regarding COVID-19 is ever changing there may be changes we may need to implement according to our needs such as scheduling/reserving or putting a time limit on your time at pool. This would be a nightmare! We will always notify members of changes we have to implement.

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